What is iCloud Bypass?

iCloud bypass? Let’s get started from here. Apple maintains their official cloud service as iCloud and all devices made by Apple are connected to the official iCloud server. The reason is to maintain this kind of Cloud service, Apple needs to give more security to their iDevices and also give an online storage to their users to store their files such as images, videos, documents, music etc. When purchasing a new iDevice such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you have to create an iCloud account and the username and password need to access the iCloud server and other Apple services. The username and password called Apple ID, the Apple ID is an accessing method to the iCloud and Apple user account. If you do not have the ID, You have to use an iCloud bypassing method to remove the iCloud activation lock.

icloud bypass

There is a different kind of iCloud bypass tools and application available on the internet. But you need to have a proper idea of those applications and tools. Otherwise, you may go wrong while bypassing the iCloud activation lock. So, keep reading the article and choose the best way to bypass the iCloud activation lock.


Why you need an iCloud bypass software

Why you need iCloud bypass tool because if you lose or do not have an idea about your Apple ID you may not able to access the iCloud. The serious situation here is, when you buy second hand iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you do not know the Apple ID of the previous owner, and if he or she activates the Find My iPhone feature, you may not be able to use your Apple device because you must activate the iCloud activation lock or bypass iCloud activation lock before use it. To activate the iCloud activation you need an iCloud bypass, otherwise, you do not have a method to iCloud bypassing or activate the Apple iCloud activation lock.

What is Find My iPhone?

The Find My iPhone is a security feature of Apple iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Macintosh computers. It’s a location-based application developed by the Apple and now it is widely using for the security purposes. The Apple is thinking their level best at users and their comfortableness when using iDevices. Because of the Find My iPhone feature, any Apple iDevice user could be able to protect their important file that stored in their iDevices’ storages even the iDevices lost or stolen.

Let me explain the mechanism of Find My iPhone. The Find My iPhone helps to uncloak iDevices through iCloud any time users wish. All users need to do is logion to the iCloud and activate the Find My iPhone from the Find My iPhone section. There are three main features to choose when activating the Find My iPhone.

  1. Play sound

When activating this option, the iDevice play sound with its maximum volume and flashing the screen to mislead the person who took the iDevice.

  1. Erase iPhone

When activating this option on Find My iPhone feature, the system will erase all the content on the iDevice automatically via the iCloud. When you lose your iPhone with your valuable data, you can use this feature to protecting your data.

  1. Lost mode

In this mode, the iDevice shows a password on the screen. To unlock the iPhone users must add the password, otherwise, it will not be able to open.


Why you need to be against with the Find My iPhone

But the problem with this consequential apple application is, what happened if we unable to unlock the activation lock. It may be a situation that you buy second-hand iDevice and you do not know the activation requirements of iCloud. Without iCloud bypass activation lock, your iDevice is only a brick that shows text to require a username and a password in a white background in the display. So, an iCloud bypass tool download is the only one way to go through this at stake situation.


How do you choose a secure iCloud bypass tool?

When you chose an iCloud bypass download, you have to consider some important facts.

  1. The service is free or paid.

There are a lot of free iCloud bypass tool download services, but the thing is we can’t get a clear idea about the security of these all tools. So you need to choose a trusted iCloud bypass service. Some Free iCloud bypass tools do the iCloud lock activation better than paid services. The Doulci activator is a trusted iCloud bypass software to use.

Paid service is better than free services and you can choose a service that suits your budget. Here, also you have to consider the security of the iCloud bypass tool download. Because there may be services that cheat people by showing some duplicated things.

  1. Time.

Time is the main fact to consider before you are going to choose an iCloud bypass software. The bypassing process may not be taken too much of time. Most probably it may take 1-3 days.

  1. Customer reviews

You can check customer reviews on official web pages of iCloud bypassing services. Check for good reviews and take an idea about the service for activating the iCloud bypass.

  1. Customer ratings

See the ratings given by the customers on the iCloud bypass service websites. Some iCloud bypass services are getting 5-star ratings.

icloud bypass

How works iCloud bypass download?

The possible way of approaching this topic is, first you should know how works the process of iCloud activation. When you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the PC, the iTunes detect the iDevice through the PC. Then iTunes connect to the iCloud databases and check for the username and password that entered by the user. If the details are correct, the iCloud activation is alright.

But when you use an iCloud bypass, the process of iCloud activation is totally different. What happened when you use an iCloud bypass tool download is, the iTunes detect the iDevice after connecting it to the PC, but when the iTunes is trying to connect to the iCloud, the iCloud bypass tool download change the path of the request and it will redirect to another server that owns the iCloud bypass. But iTunes still believe that the iTunes connect to the iCloud server. Now the user has a chance to reset their username and password.

How do you download iCloud bypass tool?


Select a good website to download iCloud bypass tool

Download and install according to the instructions.

Open and start the process.