AT&T Unlock 2018? What is this?

AT&T Unlock 2018 is a way you can unlock your phone when it is carrier locked. Have you ever experienced your iPhone is locked just to one single carrier all the time? Which means you cannot use other carrier services because your iPhone is allowing you to use only one single carrier such as AT&T.

AT&T Unlock 2018
This is such a bad experience because you will never be able to change your SIM when you’re roaming or when you’re in another country. You cannot change the SIM at all. So the service provider can charge you a tremendous amount of money for using excessive service.
But now you don’t have to worry at all. We can now unlock your carrier lock with a really easy step.
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What is AT&T?

AT&T is a most popular and a large cell phone carrier service provider in the USA. A larger customer base is gathered around them because of the massive network facility around the globe. You can purchase these online, in-store and over the phone too. Prepaid and postpaid charges may vary accordingly. The AT&T headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The network and service are only available nationally.

How can you AT&T Unlock 2018

Here is a detailed guide for you to understand how the unlocking process can be done. There are basically 3 options.

1. Software Unlocking with AT&T Unlock 2018

You can unlock your iPhone is it is an older version of the jailbreaking method. Jailbreaking is a hacking method to hack software and bypass Apple’s secure portals. Which will allow you to unlock the phone from the carrier? But there is a small doubt whether this method can be used to unlock latest versions of iPhones in the market.

2. Hardware Unlocking

George Hotz was the first person to hack an iPhone from this method and switched off the carrier of the iPhone lock. But this method requires specializing knowledge. And also the knowledge to modify the hardware of the device too.

3. Official IMEI Unlocking

This is the safest and the only method you can use without any hesitation. This method is reliable because this hack has been introduced by Apple Inc. For the sole purpose of unlocking the carrier on the phone.

Each phone has a unique identifier. And it is called as the IMEI number. IMEI means International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number. You have to provide this IMEI number to a seller or an unlocking service provider. And the unlocking can be done within a certain time period. After the unlocking process is completed you can insert a none official sim and check for the completion.
You don’t have to download any software. No need to jailbreak the phone. And no hacking is needed. If you don’t have any knowledge about the technical background you can unlock the iPhone. By simply providing the IMEI number.

This AT&T Unlock 2018 is a once in a lifetime process and you don’t have to worry about unlocking again.