iCloud Activation lock bypass?

iCloud activation lock bypass is a server that stored data about Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch data. It includes information such as contacts, images, audios, videos and also the Apple ID username and Password.

Actually, iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple to use as a cloud server to Apple users for their storing purposes. Why we are talking about the iCloud activation lock bypass because the iCloud is using for security purposes of Apple devices. The Find My iPhone feature is a high technology security application used by Apple iDevice protection system.

How works Find My iPhone?

iCloud Activation lock bypass tool

When you turn on the Find my iPhone feature, the affected iDevice requires the Apple ID and Password to give access to the iDevice. The Find my iPhone feature is turned on when the owners lose their iPhone or the situations the owners can’t find their iDevices. After turns on the feature the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple watch screens shows the Apple ID Username and Password. If you do not have ab idea about the Apple ID username and password, you must have to iCloud DNS bypass. Without iCloud DNS bypass, you never be able to activate the iCloud DNS activation lock.

What is iCloud activation lock bypass doing?

When the iDevice screen gets the Apple ID username and password from the user, it connects to the iCloud DNS and checks the entered data comparing with iCloud database’s data. If the entered data and iCloud data match, iCloud allows access to the iDevice. During this process, the entered data go through iTunes to the iCloud DNS bypass server.

What happened iCloud activation lock bypass process.

Simply, the bypass means use an alternative way to do something. Here also, the iCloud activation lock bypass tool using the alternative server to unlock iCloud activation lock. What happened here, the duplicate server comes to the point as soon as the iDevice starts to sends a request to the iCloud DNS. When the user enters the Apple ID username and password to the iDevice, the iDevice starts to send requests to the iCloud server.

At this point, the duplicate iCloud activation lock bypass server received all the request send from the iDevice. It doesn’t allow to go through the Apple official iCloud server to the sending requests. But iDevice recognize it sends requests for the real iCloud server. The duplicate iCloud activation lock bypass server comes to the action and hereafter and it allows to access to the locked iDevice without any barrier.

After iCloud bypass, you can create a new Apple ID and add your Apple device as a new one.

How choose a secure iCloud activation lock bypass tool?

Cost: – there are free and paid iCloud activation lock bypass too available online. You need to get a complete knowledge about the service provider. It is better to read their terms and conditions, privacy policy and also the reviews that given by the previous users.

Security: – This is the main fact that you need to consider. Because there are a number of organizations doing iCloud activation lock bypass without any recommended processes and procedures. So, you must have an idea about the security of the service that you are going to use.