What is this iPhone 7 carrier unlock?

iPhone 7 carrier unlock is a new phrase for most of us. If you are an iDevice user you should know what this is. Let us find out more information about this.

If your iDevice does not allow you to use another sim with a different carrier you should unlock it. This can be done by making a request to your carrier service center. Let’s go through some FAQs related to iPhone 7 carrier unlock.

iphone 7 carrier Unlock

  1. Is iPhone 7 carrier unlock process legally?

Yes, it is an absolutely legal process to unlock your iPhone if you are not satisfied with your carrier service. Before you choose to use this service you have to completely finish paying for your iPhone. If you are partially in the process of completing the payment you might not own your iPhone fully. Because of this reason you have to check before unlocking your phone.


  1. How to find out my iPhone is locked or not?

Here is the way to know if you’re not sure about your iPhone whether it is locked or not. This problem occurs usually when you buy a second handed iPhone. When you insert your sim card you might not be able to connect to a mobile network. It is because your iPhone is locked to a different network and your iPhone cannot unlock it.


  1. Are there any prerequisites to unlock via carrier?

Yes, your iPhone needs to be fully paid and also should come to the end of a two-year contract. If you are still in the process of paying the installments you have to settle the total amount before trying the iPhone 7 carrier unlock. And also the carrier service cannot unlock your iPhone for more than 12 months if you have a pre-paid connection


  1. How much will this cost me?

Before you pay you should make sure if this process will work with your carrier service. They might do it to you for free or they might fraud you. Most carrier services charge you a fee between 10$ to 20$.


How to unlock your iPhone

Here are the guidelines for how you should follow iPhone 7 carrier unlock.

Before you unlock your iPhone make sure it is really locked and tied to a different network other than your new sim carrier.

The next step is to contact your carrier service and inform the problem providing the contact details.

If you don’t have the original sim which is tied to your carrier of your iPhone you need to reset your device.

For that, you can back up your data without the sim inside the phone.

Then Shut down your iPhone and remove the and sim and insert the new sim form the different network.

Check again whether your iPhone allows you to connect to the carrier by making a call.

Choose your network provider and follow the steps given in the Device unlocking Policy Page of your carrier and each carrier network holds different codes.  Or you can simply call the customer care service center and unlock your iPhone.

After the payment (or might be for free) the service center will send you a confirmation note.

How to confirm it has worked?

After your carrier service informs you that they have done the iPhone 7 carrier unlock you can follow the steps below.

Firstly shut down your iPhone.

Eject the sim card from the iPhone and insert the new sim card back.

Power on your iPhone and wait until it is ready

Make a phone call and check if you can connect it.

If so your iPhone 7 carrier unlock is completed !!!