O2 Unlock iPhone? What is this?

O2 Unlock iPhone is a newly introduced way for you to unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod if it is carrier locked.Locking into a carrier means you can only use a sim which belongs to one carrier service like O2. When you change your sim to another, your phone will not detect the newly inserted carrier. That is an issue. When you get stuck with a single carrier you will face so much of problems. Since you cannot change to another carrier this will affect you when you are roaming. You may have to pay so much of money for excess usage. But if your iPhone, iPad, iPod is locked to the O2 carrier, you can now easily O2 unlock iPhone. Read this article for more information so that we can explain you the unlocking types and process of unlocking in the best way.

O2 Unlock iPhone

There are 2 ways you can unlock your iDevice when it is locked to the O2 carrier.

  1. Unlock using online
  2. Unlock using O2

O1 Unlock iPhone using the Online way

To unlock the iDevice using online service you need to find a suitable online site which allows you to O2 unlock iPhone carrier lock. Then when you enter the website you need to choose the suitable service provider of your currently locked carrier.Then you need to choose the brand of your device. If it is an iPhone iPad or an iPod you need to choose Apple. Then you need to provide some more information about your country, Network provider, phone model etc. Then you need to insert the IMEI number of your carrier locked device. Enter the 15 digit number accurately. Then send the request to unlock. After 48 working hours, you will receive a message with instructions and an unlock code. follow the instructions and insert the code when necessary Your iDevice will be unlocked in the next second.

O2 Unlock iPhone using O2 carrier service provider

In this way, you will be categorized into some types.

If you are a monthly pay customer you need to request to O2 unlock iPhone from the O2 Service team. Because the method will depend on the phone you own. So you need to log in to the O2 Online site or should download the My O2 application. Then you have to send a request. After identifying light requirements automatically you need to follow some simple instructions. That is to clarify whether your phone is locked or not. If you are an iPhone uses you have to open the iTunes and insert a non-O2 sim to the iDevice.If it is unlocked you will receive a message saying it is successfully unlocked.  This method may depend on the device you have. So make sure you contact the O2 service center and request your need.

If you are a “Pay As You Go” customer you need to use your device at least for more than 12 months before requesting an unlock service. And also you need to pay an amount in order to unlock the carrier. This charge might deduct from your airtime plan but this depends on the device you own. And when you request if you need to have at least 15$ of credit in your carrier plan. So that after 72 hours your device will be unlocked. You will receive a text message when it is done.

If you are a business customer and if you are the holder of the account you can request at any time to O2 unlock iPhone carrier lock. You need to fill an online form and then within seven working days you details will be checked and unlock you carrier easily.

So do not hesitate, If you are an iPhone is locked in this O2 carrier unlock it using  O2 Unlock iPhone method easily. Try it out now!!