Unlock Verizon iPhone? What is this?

Unlock Verizon iPhone is a method you can use when your phone is locked in carrier way. Has your iPhone ever got locked to a single carrier? When you changed it to another carrier you might not be able to get connected to that new sim carrier. That is what is meant by locking to one carrier such as Verizon etc.

When you get stuck in one carrier you might hate the whole experience.  Because you cannot use any other carrier service on your iPhone. You cannot use for roaming because it won’t allow. You might pay a larger amount to the service provider for excessive usage.

Unlock Verizon iPhone

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There are 2 options you can follow if you need to unlock your iPhone if it is carrier locked.

  1. Unlock using online
  2. Unlock using Verizon

Unlock using Verizon iPhone Online

If you are willing to unlock this via online you need to follow some steps. We will guide you through the step by step process.

Step 1: Choose an online site you can unlock your carrier service

Step 2: Choosing the brand of your device as Apple if you are an iPhone user.

Step 3: Choose the service provider as Verizon.

Step 4: Then you need to fill more information such as the country, Network provider, phone model etc.

Step 5: After the data is inserted then the will request your IMEI number. Insert that. It’s a 15 digit number which is on your phone.

Step 6: Now you have to click unlock and send the request


After 48 working hours, you will receive a message with the instructions and unlock code. Enter the given code after following the instructions. Your phone will be unlocked from the Verizon carrier soon.


Unlock Verizon iPhone with Postpaid

This Verizon carrier service does not lock most of the iPhones which use a postpaid connection. Because it follows a special agreement with the company. So because of these, you might not need a code to unlock Verizon iPhone. You should be able to use another carrier on your iPhone. But unfortunately, if it becomes locked you can use a simple code. This code can be ” 000000″ or “123456”. The usage of the code will depend on the instruction they provide.  


Unlock Verizon iPhone with Prepaid

Most of the 3G devices have a higher possibility to lock which uses a prepaid connection. If you find out your device has been locked. The same way you can use the code “000000” or “123456” according to the given instructions by the service provider.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. What should you do to get the instructions

You should contact the Verizon service provider from *611 from a wireless phone or (888) 294-6804, for any assistance.

Then they will provide you the steps that you need to follow.

02. How long will these  Unlock Verizon iPhone will be activated?

After an unlock your iPhone can be used with other carrier serviced for 12 months. But after 6 months some limitations might occur. And after the given time the service will be removed too. Then you need to go through the same process if you need to use a different carrier service.

So do not hesitate. if you figure out you cannot change your sim and use other carrier services. Then there are no other reasons. Your phone has been locked to the Verizon carrier. So What should you do? Unlock using a carrier unlocking service. According to the above guidance, we hope you can easily use the service according to your preference.  

So use Unlock Verizon iPhone to unlock your iPhone now !!